Here is an excerpt from my book:

Life is a Faithwalk.  Navigating is Easier with Jesus.


While sitting next to the Detroit River one summer evening, I saw a flock of geese swimming. I counted and found there were thirty-two of them. They formed a straight line, one right behind the other.

There was no pushing or shoving, and no goose tried to cut in line. They all moved at the same pace, in an excellent display of follow-the-leader.

When all of the geese were out of the water, they walked about twenty feet, staying in line, and then began spreading out to eat. There was no jealousy, anger, or tension—just peace and quiet as they ate their dinner. Once everyone was finished eating, they got back in line and marched back to the water, again with no pushing or shoving. Too bad humans can’t get along like birds!

That scene provided yet another opportunity for me to be mesmerized by our awesome Creator. God put the instinct in the birds to make them behave like this when He made them. Thousands of years later, they’re still acting the same way. How would our lives be different if we behaved the way God intended for us to behave? Hmm …

Well, signing off for now. 

Be encouraged, be strong and fear not!

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