June 29 2016

Hello Bloggers! This is my FIRST post! {the crowd roars} ha ha. Let’s see, talk about myself? Ok – Lived in Detroit, MI my whole life. I was married for 11 years, been divorced for 10. No kids. Two dogs: Sabreen (9) and KoKo (4).

In my church, I am involved in Sunday School and the Mission department.  I have loved studying the Bible for decades, especially end time prophesies and how they tie into all the crazy, sometimes scary, events that we are seeing almost daily. God has told us!

I think a lot of my posts will be about Christianity, reflections on people, how to navigate this crazy life. There’ll be items I pass along about the bizarre events going on these days. Also, I could talk about the joys and pains of my new life, as a published author. I will also post excerpts from my book: Life is a Faithwalk – Navigating is Easier with Jesus.

Any suggestions on this brave new world of blogging would be much appreciated. I think I will review some to get the hang of it, decide how long they should be, how often to write, what to write about. You know, the nitty gritty of it all.

Well, signing off for now.

Be encouraged, be strong and fear not!