My mom passed away April 23, 2009.  How strange that at beginning of September, 2016 I went to call her.  Old habits sometimes don’t die at all.  My mom had me ‘trained’. I had lived on my own since 1989 and I had to call her every day.  One day, I had the nerve to call at 1:00.  “Where you been?” she asked.  “Nowhere, at work as usual.”  “And you’re just now calling me – it’s the afternoon.”

At first, I thought: “Hello – I’m a grown woman, and you’re checking me for not calling in the morning?”  Then I thought: :” That is true love.”  I could have died in my sleep, or gotten into a car accident on the way to work.  She hadn’t talked to me since yesterday, so if my mom wants to hear my voice in the morning…. What’s the harm?

Some kids have no contact with their parents, and their parents could care less.  My mom was letting me know she wanted to hear from her baby girl (even though I was in my late 20s) to start off her day and I’d be happy to oblige!